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Louise established LB Performance Psychology in 2019 wanting to educate a wider audience of the benefits of psychology through sport and exercise. 

Having personal experience within a range of sports and exercise (long distance running, basketball, yoga, Gaelic football....) Louise experienced how impactful these were when coping with the turbulence of general life. Managing a career in psychology and the financial industry was a period that required focus, dedication, motivation, and stamina, all elements which she could relate to her own training. Some may think signing up for marathons and events while managing two full-time careers was a silly idea, however the impact was profound. What Louise learned during those hours of training she now applies within her practice. She is also accredited with the British Psychological Society meaning all of her interventions and suggestions are supported by scientific evidence and support. 

The struggles of mental health are evident in today's world and becoming a normal conversation being had, which is one of the right steps towards ending the stigma. By enquiring about what psychology can do for you, you are taking that next step to learning the role it could play in your life.

LB Performance Psychology has a portfolio of elite athletes, recreational exercisers, youth sportspeople, and individuals within the business and professional industry. If you would like to learn more about what reaching out looks like, read here.

Your life is your responsibility, make choices today that you will thank yourself for tomorrow. 


Pete Jackson

As we are in the care giving profession we know how important it is to support one another and as a result a lot of sport psychologists assist each other. As such one of my colleagues describes his practice and service he offers below.

Headquartered in London, UK, but practising with athletes, performers and teams from around the world, Pete works with clients on the psychological dimension of their sport, business or performance-based endeavours. 

He is registered with the British Psychological Society as a Sport Psychologist in Training, so all interactions and advice are underpinned by credible training programs and scientific literature. No smoke and mirrors. Just conversations, tools and ideas underpinned with evidence.

If you want to get in touch with Pete you can find more information here:

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