LB Performance Psychology

“We all deserve to be happy….”


A pretty common phrase that you may have heard at some point so why do we continue to accept a substandard quality of life?


Why do we feel we do not deserve to achieve everything we could conjure within our mind?


Why do we continue to behave as such and follow this path of feeling unworthy to have everything we want?


Does this sound like a generic motivational spiel? Is this now too many questions?


Long story short LB Performance Psychology provides a service that helps you help yourself, this is the essence of what we aim for. We all deserve to fulfil our potential – take the next step in doing so. 


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Founder of LB Performance Psychology, Louise, is here to assess how your habits, behaviours, and thoughts influence your current level of success. Having three psychology degrees and hailing from Ireland (don’t dismiss just yet), living in Central London and being an affiliated member of the British Psychological Society enables her to share her expertise as a Sport and Exercise Psychology Consultant. She applies her knowledge of sporting performance and achievements to mental health and well-being enhancement, with a variety of companies and sporting organisations. Her work allows her to be flexible according to each face-to-face client’s needs, travelling across London. Through the technological advances of remote video calling, Louise also works with clients in different areas of England and the world.